Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Litigation Lawyers

Although the civil action you are litigating may be unrelated to bankruptcy, there are times when your case will have to be tried in front of a bankruptcy court. When a defendant in a pending or ongoing case files for bankruptcy court the impact of the filing is felt by all.

From venue to rules of evidence and procedure, our Pittsburgh bankruptcy litigation attorneys know how to successfully represent our clients' non-bankruptcy lawsuits in bankruptcy court.

Experienced Lawyers: Helping Clients Litigate Cases In Bankruptcy Court

Litigating a case in front of the bankruptcy court is very different from litigation in other civil courts — even the most experienced trial lawyers may be out of their league.

Bankruptcy courts have their own unique sets of rules regarding evidence, procedure, and discovery. Appealing from a bankruptcy court decision also is different — the length of time given to appeal is much shorter than that given in district court.

That is why it is important to hire attorneys who are familiar with the nuances of the bankruptcy court, and can effectively navigate your non-bankruptcy case through the bankruptcy system.

At Steele Schneider, our attorneys have experience litigating non-bankruptcy matters before the bankruptcy court.

Altoona Bankruptcy Asset Dispute Attorneys

When one party to your civil action files for bankruptcy, that filing may cause your entire civil case to be transferred to the jurisdiction of the bankruptcy court. Sometimes the bankrupt debtor will remove the ongoing civil case to bankruptcy courts; other times the district court will automatically refer the case to bankruptcy court.

The bankruptcy court has power over all matters relating to the bankruptcy as well as any matter that could affect — or be affected by — the bankruptcy case, including:

  • Ongoing litigation regarding contract disputes
  • Disputes over which assets are involved in a bankruptcy case
  • Purchase agreements
  • Sale agreements

If you are involved in litigation and one of the parties to your case has filed for bankruptcy, contact us today at 412-235-7682.