Pittsburgh Business Litigation Attorneys

Sometimes deals fall through and business relationships stop working. Sometimes these work-related disagreements can begin feeling personal.

At Pittsburgh-based Steele Schneider, our attorneys have successfully helped businesses throughout Western Pennsylvania resolve disputes and move forward.

Johnstown Business Dispute Lawyers

At Steele Schneider, our firm has successfully helped both plaintiffs and defendants — large and small — including non-profits, closely held corporations and school districts, resolve their businesses' disputes.

Whether through alternative dispute resolution techniques — such as negotiation and arbitration — or litigating our client's case in the courtroom, we work hard to make sure our clients achieve the best outcome possible.

Our firm is well-equipped to handle all types of business and commercial litigation cases. Whether one party has not lived up to its end of the deal resulting in a breach of contract, or you are involved in a dispute with an employee, shareholder or partner, our attorneys can help.

Every business decision comes down to cost-benefit analysis. Our firm provides our business clients with a realistic view of their case — we present clients with not only the benefits of litigating their dispute, but the costs and risks involved in doing so. This allows our clients to make informed decisions for their business and avoid wasting time and money on unfruitful litigation.

Experienced Business Attorneys Solve Disputes Efficiently And Effectively

At Steele Schneider, we give our business clients the knowledge and resources they need to make smart business decisions. Our attorneys also realize that decisions aren't made in a vacuum — a decision made today can have a long-term effect on your business. We take the time to make sure our business clients understand both the short and long-term consequences of their decisions.

We hire attorneys who not only know the law, but agree that a client-centered approach is best. Our attorneys come from a wide array of backgrounds; some left careers at large law firms to practice at our firm. That means our clients get the experience and know-how offered at larger law firms, with the personal attention and cost-effective representation that can only be provided by a smaller practice.

When your workplace relationship stops working, contact Pittsburgh business litigation lawyers Steele Schneider at 412-235-7682 for a free initial consultation.