Pittsburgh Business Contract Attorneys

From employment contracts to non-compete contracts, our business lawyers know how to draft contracts that are clear and concise.

At Pittsburgh-based Steele Schneider, we create comprehensive contracts that achieve our clients' goals and protect them from the future time and stress of costly litigation.

Solid Contracts Avoid Costly Litigation

When our attorneys draft contracts, we use clear, specific language with clearly defined terms. We thoroughly examine the circumstances of the contract, and avoid future litigation by anticipating and addressing possible areas of friction.

Because we take the time to consider all possible areas of conflict, we are able to negotiate around them, keeping the end-goal in mind, and draft contracts that accomplish our clients' goals and protect them from future liabilities.

At Steele Schneider, we do not say our contracts are always upheld in court — because they never get that far. Our attorneys have drafted hundreds of contracts for our clients without a single one having been litigated.

Altoona Business Negotiation Lawyer

Negotiating a contract is akin to playing chess. Every move your opponent makes causes you to rethink your strategy, evaluate your choices and make the best decisions possible to achieve checkmate.

At Steele Schneider, our attorneys are always looking two steps ahead. We've negotiated hundreds of contracts on our clients' behalves. We know the tricks and techniques opponents use to take advantage of our clients' weaknesses, and we know how to bolster our clients' strengths to make the most advantageous contract possible.

Make sure your opponent's move forward is not your move backward. Contact our Pittsburgh business contract lawyers at Steele Schneider today for a free initial consultation.